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What a term it’s been!

Some of our children have travelled all over the country, first to Young Voices concert in Sheffield, then not long after that to the Prom Praise performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London!

There has also been mysteries afoot in our Early Years class who have been looking for Goldilocks and the Gingerbread man!

Year 1/2 had a visit from Lottie and her adventures that you can read about down below.

Year 3/4 have been taking part in sports activities.

And lastly Year 5/6 visited Danby lodge to see the stars up above!

We’ve also had fun days with World Book Day and Comic Relief, with the children dressing up as characters from their favourite books or just wacky clothing choices.

Everyone here at Wilton would like to wish all our families a pleasant Easter holiday and we hope everyone has a great two weeks off.

We look forward to seeing everyone when we return on Monday 8th April.

Year 1/2 Mrs Barron Class Round Up

It’s been exceptionally busy here in Y1/2 since our last update.  We’ve had World Book Day where all the children in the academy dressed up and were able to choose a book to take home at the end of the day.  We also wrote an academy story!

It started in EYFS and each year group wrote part of it  with Y5/6 writing the conclusion. We all got together to read the whole thing and everyone was really pleased with the whole story. A week later and we dressed up again for Comic Relief, we had a great time telling jokes and doing some themed Maths and word searches.

We have also received a special delivery of books shortlisted for our TVEd Book of the Year awards. The children get the chance to read 5 chapter and 5 picture books both in school and at home before voting on their favourite later in the summer term.

We are so glad that the weather has eventually decided to warm up and we took the opportunity to get outside and do some art in the style of local artist Mackenzie Thorpe. We included a local landmark just like his inspiration and used pastels which we blended to create moody skies.

Year 2 have been learning how to write an algorithm to move a sprite from one side of an iPad to the other and back again while Y1 have been learning how to give instructions to an online bee or to love him around a variety of environments. We have all been using coding to give clear instructions to the robots.

To end our term as interestingly as it started we celebrated British Science Week this week and looked at Seasonal Change using the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  The Emperor sent us a message asking us to help his tailor to design clothes for each season so he would be comfortable, whatever the temperature. As the theme for the week was time we also got to do some hands on science which needed us to make observations over the afternoon.  We made predictions on what would happen and checked our ideas as the day went on.

We are looking forward to a well deserved rest over Easter. We know we will need it as Summer term is always jam packed with fun and learning.

Comic Relief 2024

We would like to thank everyone who took part and donated. We raised a grand total of £47.20 for Comic Relief

Breakfast Club

Did you know we do a breakfast club every morning? You can bring your child in, knowing they’ll get a good breakfast before they start school.

This is open to everyone and can be booked in the clubs section on the school gateway app.

It costs £1.20 for each morning your child attends and will resume after Easter.


Attendance every day is vital for your child’s progress unless they are too unwell to learn. It is your responsibility to inform the academy if your child is going to be absent by 8.45am each day of their absence. You can contact the office on 01642 453374.

This weeks best attendance goes to…..

Missed Learning

3 days of missed learning occurred this week due to unauthorised absences. Unauthorised absences are for holidays, parents/carers not contacting the academy or any other unexplained absence. With most minor ailments, children can be in school, so we really encourage you to think about keeping your child at home.

100% Attendance

70 children achieved 100% attendance this week which is Amazing!! 

Can you get 100% when we return?

Diary Dates and Reminders

Lunch Menu

Our lunches are provided on a 3 week rota. When we return it will be week 1.

Nut Free Academy

A reminder to all parents we are a Nut Free Academy, please read below.

School Uniform and PE days

Please make sure that all items of clothing, including coats and packed lunch bags are clearly labelled with children’s names, so it is easy to find their owners.

All children have been provided with a t-shirt and shorts in a bag for PE lessons but they need to have their own trainers/plimsols in school please. Plimsols will be provided if needed. As the weather is changing, you may want to send in a tracksuit for children to wear outside during PE lessons.

Mrs Wardle – Monday

Mrs Barron – Tuesday

Miss Norton – Friday

Mrs Harding – Tuesday

World Book Day Story Writing Competition

To celebrate World Book Day and National Careers Week, Building our Future would like you to write a story, of a maximum of 500 words, that explains why it is important to know where we get energy, and how we use it.

We want you to create an “Energy Superhero” – we want a fantastic name for your hero, and they must have Super Powers – these are sources of energy, such as Wind, Solar, Tidal, Biomass….the list goes on.

What will happen to your Superhero? Why do they need to use their Energy Super Powers? Will they save the day or the planet?

The only limit is the number of words – we want the most creative, wonderful stories, and it can include illustrations.

Prizes will include a book voucher for the winning entry, and a class visit to the O&M Base for Dogger Bank Wind Farm, at the Port of Tyne.

The wind farm is being built in the North Sea, and will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world, with nearly 300 wind turbines. The cables that will transmit the renewable electricity from the wind farm and into the national electricity network to be distributed to homes and businesses are being buried right under our feet here in the Tees Valley.

Entries should be submitted to Jacqui Hutchinson, Primary Careers Co-ordinator, via the RCVDA Building our Future web page: https://www.rcvda.org.uk/2024/03/06/world-book-day-competition-building-our-future/ or via your school teacher.

Deadline for entries is Friday 12th April (so you have the Easter holidays too to work on your story), and judges will include Equinor and SSE Renewables representatives from Dogger Bank Wind Farm, wind farm supply chain company Keltbray, Teesside University and the Building our Future team. 


The latest issue of Raring2Go! is available to read and can be found here


Easter Holiday Activities

Hope Netball Club

Actions for Happiness

What actions will you take over Easter to finish off Mindful March.

Cost of Living


There would appear to be a problem with head lice in the academy.  Several parents have informed us that their child has headlice; obviously this must mean that there are other children who also have the problem. 

I have taken this opportunity to provide some up-to-date advice for treating headlice and I would ask every parent to please check their child’s hair tonight and every night and treat if necessary. 

It is not sufficient to simply shampoo your child’s hair; this will not get rid of the lice – parents should visit a chemist, supermarket or see their family doctor to purchase or obtain a prescription for headlice lotion and follow the instructions.  An alternative method, and one which does not involve the use of chemicals, is as follows: 

  • Fill a sink with water 
  • Wet the child’s hair 
  • Apply conditioner 
  • Comb (with a fine tooth comb or nit comb) the child’s hair into the sink.  If there are any lice they will fall out into the water. 

It is recommended that the above treatment be done for at least 4 days. 

If you know your child has headlice, please treat it as soon as possible and check your child’s hair every night.   

The school nurse can be contacted via school, if any further advice or information is needed. 

Lotties Adventures

Paula McMahon is an Honorary Professor of Teesside University. She is a civil engineer and has a particular interest in climate change. In order to promote engineering for girls and to develop young children’s understanding of the issues facing our planet, she has written 5 books dealing with aspects of this and involving a doll called Lottie.

You can find out more at the link below.


The 4 T’s of Diabetes

National Sleep Helpline

Netball Barbie

Childcare information


Families Drop In

Online Courses for Parents

Access to Research

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