Special Needs provision is a very important aspect of our academy. At Wilton we ensure that children with special needs receive the appropriate support through our in-school support team, which is utilised to meet the individual needs of our children. We pride ourselves on the level of communication and co-operation we gain from this process.

Programmes of work are discussed for each child on the SEND register and learning is tailored to provide opportunities for their targets to be met. This is overseen by the Head of Academy, whose role it is to liaise with teachers and learning assistants to provide the time, resources and training necessary, that ensures inclusion in classroom activities.

SEND Information Report

The Trust Board of Wilton Primary Academy (Tees Valley Education) and Local Academy Committee (LAC) is fully committed to meeting the requirements of both the Equality Act 2010, as applicable to those staff, pupils and members of the public who have restricted:

  • Mobility Physical co-ordination
  • Manual dexterity Continence
  • Ability to lift, carry or move everyday objects Speech, hearing or eyesight
  • Cognitive ability, memory, or ability to learn, Risk perception or physical danger, concentrate or understand.

We have made a clear commitment in our values, vision and ethos statement that we are a fully inclusive academy and respect and celebrate diversity and difference.

The Trust Board devolves responsibility to the Head of Academy to make any and all reasonable adjustments as necessary to the academy and its infrastructure, so that:

  • No person accessing the academy site is served less favourably by way of their disability, or unable to access any necessary part of it.
  • Any person with a disability is able to play a full and active part in all aspects of academy life.
  • Any pupil with a disability has equal and full access to all aspects of the curriculum and its delivery, as well as extra-curricular activities.
  • No pupils’ standard of attainment or achievement should be compromised as a result of disability.

SENDCo : Mrs A.Hill

Contact: 01642 453374

Address: Wilton Primary Academy, Pasture Lane, Lazenby, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS6 8DY.

SEND Information Report 2020/21
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