Curriculum Overview

At Wilton Primary Academy, we value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning. We believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and enquiring time in our lives, where there are no limits to curiosity and there is a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.

In the academy we utilise a wide range of resources to support all aspects of teaching and learning. In reading we use Read Write Inc (RWI) as our principle approach to phonics, which transitions to reading into writing, an approach developed across the trust. Wilton Primary has a reading spine which is a set of books that staff share with the children simply for the love of reading. All children are expected to read 5 times a week and have an array of books to choose from.

In Maths, the children are taught using a vast range of resources, which are supplemented with arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning to deepen the learning of all pupils.

While we do not insist on our English being linked to the wider curriculum, the skills taught in English lessons are applied to learning challenges in the wider curriculum. We encourage the children to use their reading to support and improve their writing.

Due to our mixed age year groups, we have a rolling programme of delivery for our curriculum. Subjects are taught discretely with a focus on the sequence of learning to develop knowledge.

Curriculum design:

All stakeholders are part of the development of the curriculum design. To ensure curriculum quality we have addressed the following:

  • Local context and filling the gaps from pupil’s backgrounds
  • Focus on subject disciplines even when topics are taught
  • Considering depth and breadth and curriculum content
  • Seeing curriculum as the progression model
  • Having a clear purpose for assessment
  • A mastery approach
  • Listening to the pupil voice
  • Reviewing and evaluating curriculum design
  • Clear curriculum leadership and ownership

Curriculum Aims

At Wilton, our intention is that the curriculum extends opportunity, raises aspirations, opens the children’s eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment, enables our children to live happy, healthy and productive lives and inspires children to learn more.

We aim to build resilience and encourage a positive mind-set amongst our children as it is often through mistakes we learn the most. We believe that an effective curriculum offers knowledge, skills, understanding and progression.

Community involvement is an integral part of our curriculum, inviting families and visitors to facilitate learning new skills and sharing experiences such as assemblies, curriculum outcomes, healthy schools week and sports days.

All decisions are made in the best interests of the child and are framed by the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Children leave Wilton with a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community where they have confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.


Homework is set for all children in accordance with our Homework Policy.

Homework is focused on times tables and spellings as they are fundamental in children’s progress in literacy and mathematics. Throughout the primary years a consistent emphasis is also put on reading for pleasure and purpose, as we value you reading with your children .

Homework is important because it provides a means for our children:  

  • to consolidate and reinforce what is learnt in the classroom
  • to build up basic skills (particularly reading, writing and mathematics)
  • to become curious and independent learners
  • to develop good study habits
  • to prepare for the next stage of education

It is important that you support your child and ensure that he/she completes homework and hands it in on time. If you have any queries regarding homework your child’s class teacher will be only too willing to help.

Children are also encouraged to take reading books home but please ensure that they are brought back to the academy. We are sorry, but we do expect parents to cover the cost of any books that are damaged or lost at home.

Educational Visits

Educational visits form an important part of our curriculum, as we firmly believe that children learn best when engaged in first-hand experience.

Visits are organised to comply with relevant guidelines and procedures. Some educational experiences cannot take place without the cost of such visits being funded by parents. Such contributions are voluntary, and parents will be informed of the cost to each child should a visit be planned.

Each visit / activity will only take place if sufficient voluntary contributions are received to enable us to fund it. The academy does subsidise educational visits and every effort is made to keep the cost to a minimum. If the shortfall on voluntary contributions is so great that the visit / activity cannot proceed, all monies collected will be returned to parents. Parental permission is always sought before taking children from the academy premises for educational visits.

If parents would like further information on the school curriculum then please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher or use the contact us area on this website.

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