The children have continued working on plants in science and have enjoyed dissecting and naming the parts of the flower.  They have also been learning about how insects and particularly bees pollinate plants.  They have enjoyed working practically and planning investigations, reviewing their findings and observing how plants grow over time.  They can now talk confidently about the life cycle of a seed and have been excited to see the similarities with the life cycle of an animal and human.

We have also been learning about the artist Giacometti who made elongated figures using metal and clay.  The children drew stick men to help us think about the movement some of the sculptures appeared to be doing.  They then went on to create their own stick men or animals using materials of their choice. 

The final challenge was to roll, scrunch and manipulate tin foil to create figures. This wasn’t easy as the tin foil was very delicate and tore easily.

We were very lucky to have a zoom call with Sarah Roberts the author of Who crunched Colin, one of the TVEd books of the year shortlisters.  They really enjoyed listening to her tell the story.  Plus we got a bonus sneak peak into her new book that isn’t even on the shelves yet.

Diary Dates and Reminders

School Gateway

We are excited to share with you that the Academy now uses School Gateway. After many requests for online payment options – this is now available via this brand new app! This will be the hub of all school related communication, club bookings and trip information. In order to stay up to date with what’s going on at school make sure you download the app for free. Letters have been sent out with instructions, but if you have any problems please contact the office.

Lunch Menu

Next weeks menu will be week 3

Men’s Mental Health

As part of Men’s Health Week, we are running an Eventbrite session explaining on Thursday 21st July 4.00-5.00 on how both and can help and support males. The session will also include discussion around how both services open up accessible ways to both receive and offer support to other males who may have been through similar lived experiences. 

To Sign up please CLICK HERE 

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