For our Year 6 girls, please take a look and book your place if you would like to attend!

Shine Like A Star

This weeks Shine Like a Star was Do something for somebody else without being asked to.

Lunch Menus

We will start back on week 1 after the Easter Holidays.

Spelling Shed

Well done Year 1/2 for scoring the most points this week with 19,637,908 points!

Congratulations to the top spellers this week.

Mrs Barron’s class

1st – Freddie
3rd – Alice

Miss Norton’s class

1st – Rafe
2nd –Joseph

3rd – Freya

Mrs Harding’s class

1st – Thomas D
2nd – Tierney

3rd – Thomas T

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Times Tables Rock Stars

Practicing times tables is so important in improving maths and is a huge part of number work from Year 2 upwards. Please encourage your child to use their account to get as fast as they can which will help them be able to apply their knowledge to different areas of maths.

Congratulations to the highest coin collectors this week!

Mrs Barron’s class

1st –Freddie
2nd –

3rd –

Miss Norton’s class

1st –Rafe
2nd –Freya

3rd –Rueben 

Mrs Harding’s class

1st –Thomas T
2nd –  

3rd – 

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