Wilton Expects Focus

The children have been learning about the value of British democracy and the importance it has in our country. They have also been showing the value of working together learning about collaboration.

Next week the children will be focusing on compassion.

EYFS Mrs Wardle Class round up

Early Years have been exploring the changes that happen in our world in Winter. They have been learning about what animals do as the weather gets colder and which animals like to live in the cold.

We have been reading stories  about penguins and other polar region animals. We have enjoyed making igloos with sugar cubes and homes for the animals. Jack Frost also made a visit and turned everywhere white and frosty. the children investigated ice, frost and snow.

They carried out experiments to find out what makes ice and we discovered other things that can melt.

We have explored winter colours, mixing different shades of icy blue and made snowflakes and winter collages that have turned our classroom into a winter wonderland.

Breakfast Club

Did you know we do a breakfast club every morning? You can bring your child in, knowing they’ll get a good breakfast before they start school.

This is open to everyone and can be booked in the clubs section on the school gateway app.

It costs £1.20 for each morning your child attends.

Diary Dates and Reminders


Attendance every day is vital for your child’s progress unless they are too unwell to learn. It is your responsibility to inform the academy if your child is going to be absent by 9am each day of their absence. You can contact the office on 01642 453374.

This weeks winners are……..Y N/R congratulations!!!

Lunch Menu

Our lunches are provided on a 3 week rota. Next weeks menus will be week 2. Please discuss this with your child to help them with their choices.

School Uniform and PE days

Please make sure that all items of clothing, including coats and packed lunch bags are clearly labelled with children’s names, so it is easy to find their owners.

All children have been provided with a t-shirt and shorts in a bag for PE lessons but they need to have their own trainers/plimsols in school please. Plimsols will be provided if needed. As the weather is changing, you may want to send in a tracksuit for children to wear outside during PE lessons.

PE Days are:

EYFS – Mrs Wardle – Tuesday

Y1/2 -Miss Bass – Thursday

Y3/4 – Miss Norton – Wednesday

Y5/6 – Mrs Harding – Wednesday

Drop in Flu Clinics

Please note all clinics are drop ins & open for appointments, apart from the clinics that state APPOINTMENT ONLY. If your child is having an injection, can you please call the number below to book an appointment.

*These clinics are for Primary School children (reception to year 6.) Children who attend a SEND school from reception to the day before their 18th birthday & for Secondary School children (Year 7, 8 & 9 only)

Cost of Living

National Sleep Helpline

Actions for Happiness

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