Home Learning – Week 13

This home learning is for this week. While this is not compulsory, children are encouraged to complete the tasks on a weekly basis and if possible, post pictures or send examples of the work you have done on our Facebook page or email RWPYR34Wilton@tved.org.uk or TVEWilton@tved.org.uk.

Remember to log onto Spelling Shed!

“You are all doing so well. Your work has been brilliant. Keep it coming!” Mrs Gainford x

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This Week’s resources

Previous Weeks’ resources

Online Learning

The internet continues to provide a range of learning opportunities. Here is a table with some links.

9am 10am 11am 1pm 2pm General
Joe Wicks – 9am

Dance Workout

Sentence Stackers – 9.45am

RWI Phonics – 9.30am

Pie Corbett – Talk for Writing – 9.30am
Dr Chips Science, Computing and Engineering

Music with Myleen

RWI Phonics – 10am and 10.30am
David Walliams

Let’s go live Science

Body Beats Percussion
British Sign Language Sir Linkalot SpellingsDancing with Oti

The Maths Factor

First News

Art Ninja  

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Year 3 and 4

At Wilton Primary Academy, we value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning. We believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and enquiring time in our lives, where there are no limits to curiosity and there is a thirst for new experiences and knowledge. 

In our class, we are following the Y4 curriculum. This term, alongside our core offer of Reading, Writing and Maths we have been exploring the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, modern day Italy and collage techniques to name but a few.

Where possible we make links to different areas of the curriculum, but we also teach discrete lessons, building on subject specific skills and providing the children with opportunities to apply these skills.

This terms learning …

The children in year 3 & 4 have been working with a local artist, as part of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The artist the children have been researching is David Hockney.

They have looked at techniques such as drawing, mark making and experimenting with ideas and resources.

The children intend to use the inspiration from David’s work to create their own landscape of the local area that interests them.

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